Our innovative microfluidic based single cell platform technology ( AmberFlow    ) integrates proprietary systems and methods with deep understanding of biology. It unlocks the power of single cell function analysis in a tunable microenvironment to enable the highly efficient isolation of rare high-quality candidates while delivering rich information.

  • Any cell sample source such as primary B cells and T cells, and a variety of engineered single-variant expression libraries.

  • Versatile assays. Direct functional analysis. Binder screening. Cross-species reactivity. Isoform specificity. 

  • In-depth screening (e.g., whole immune repertoire), while delivering greater diversity and rich information to enable broad IP protection and differentiation from competitors. 

  • Rapid downstream validation in parallel with sequencing, effectively circumventing conventional lengthy processes involving high-throughput sequencing, DNA synthesis, individual cloning, protein expression and then validation. 

  • Fast turnaround. Weeks, not months.



We are developing several first-in-class immunotherapeutic pipeline assets each with significant differentiation.


Functional TCR T cell screening using single-cell droplet microfluidics.
Segaliny A., et al.  Lab Chip,  2018, 18:3733-3749.
DOI: 10.1039/c8lc00818c
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